Table of Contents

Total number of pages: 407.  

Foreword by Vint Cerf

Part I – The Architecture

Chapter 1: What are Smart Objects?
Chapter 2: The Internet Protocol Architecture
Chapter 3: Why IP for Smart Objects?
Chapter 4: IPv6 for Smart Object Networks
Chapter 5: Routing
Chapter 6: Transport Protocols
Chapter 7: Service Discovery
Chapter 8: Security for Smart Objects
Chapter 9: Web Services for Smart Objects
Chapter 10: Connectivity Models for Smart Object Networks

Part II – The Technology 

Chapter 11: Smart Object Hardware and Software
Chapter 12: Low Power Communication Technologies for Smart Object Networks
Chapter 13: uIP – A Lightweight IP Stack
Chapter 14: Standardization
Chapter 15: IPv6 Technology Refresher
Chapter 16: The 6LoWPAN Adaptation Layer
Chapter 17: RPL Routing in Smart Object Networks
Chapter 18: The IPSO Alliance
Chapter 19: Non-IP Smart Objects Technology

Part III – The Applications

Chapter 20: Smart Grid
Chapter 21: Industrial Automation
Chapter 22: Smart Cities and Urban Networks
Chapter 23: Home Automation
Chapter 24: Building Automation
Chapter 25: Structural Health Monitoring
Chapter 26: Container Tracking