Security of IP-Based Internet of Things

What is IP based internet of things? These are protocols that make it possible for smart objects to interact with each other and also with humans in a rife way.  As much as the Internet of Things (IoT) has made life easy. There are still challenges tied to the concept. These are mostly in light of security. However, that does not mean that they outweigh the benefits. Let’s look at some of the security issues in IoT.


Data is valuable. The smart devices get to collect a lot of information connected to an individual. That may range from the name and address to credit card information. The problem is that such information is often transferred across networks with no form of encryption done to them.  This makes it vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Note that some devices share cloud computing services making them vulnerable to such attacks.

Encryption of Data

How is this a problem in IP-based Internet of Things? Most of the network services that the devices in the Internet of Things use do not provide encryption. This is a security concern as the devices are soft targets for interceptors.

Side Channel Attacks

Another security concern associated with the IP-based Internet of Things is side channel attacks. Since the internet of Things gives people access to information such as timings, that could be used for side channel attacks. To combat the security issues, it is vital to improve the IoT security which can be achieved by including built-in-security features such as VPN change IP every minute and studying threats to mention but a few.

Hardware issues

Some of the chip makers are unable to meet the growing demand for strong processors that can support IoT. To make the Internet of Things work seamlessly, the manufacturers are required to process chips that have the latest architecture and battery power to support IoT.

Web interface

The web interface is yet another weak point in the Internet of Things that hackers could easily take advantage of. While the Internet of Things is characterised by scripting across sites, it makes it easy for trespassers to get access to passwords, which they could misuse.